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Raisin Girl

September 08, 2015 @ (Canada)

Tags: Goodbreakup

I will start off by saying my whole life I have been shy. Anytime someone hinted at me liking them, I ignored it, and denied it convincingly!
People at school called me prude. I was a "good girl" even though I just wanted what everyone else wanted! Just no way to get to it. I was called asexual.
It was in 11th grade I got close to a guy.
I was not afraid to talk to him. We talked a lot. He asked me out. I was so excited! How did he know i liked him? I said yes.
Then he changed his mind because I don't drink! Yes, it is true. But, I said I don't care if you do! No, it was late. I found out later he is bisexual.

Later 1 year I decided I have to have a guy. I went out to events like concerts and stuff to make myself available. I kept seeing this guy with long brown hair and metal t shirts. He looked so... Unique.
And he didn't go to my school.
Somehow he messaged me on myspace. I guess he saw I liked pantera. Well, talk here, talk there. I just wanted one thing but didn't want to seem too slutty. So, I gathered this was my only chance. I waited months before he told me he didn't think I was that kind of girl. A cornflake girl. That I don't have bad thoughts.
He asked me out. I was confused. I just wanted to do it, not be in a confusing relationship. Well, I thought this must be how it is. We hung out, kissed, but he told me it is ok to wait till marriage to do it. I was like what!
So we did do it quite a bit. He was fascinated that he "stole my virginity" which is kind of sick. Why do people obsess about this? I became attached to him strangely. Even though he was not charming in the slightest! Love.
Jump 1 year later at university, I met a muslim woman. She told me about Islam and it rang with my beliefs, so I became a muslim. One who worships God and only God. Who is not like anything or any one. This was after a year of meeting my muslim friend.

That news did not go ove with my bf of 2 years who is ATHEIST. We talked, we cried. We tried to work things out. There was no way he would believe in God, so he broke up with me. It was not allowed for me to be with him anyway, so it was for the best. It took awhile to get over him. Maybe few months especially after he tried pushing my buttons.

I don't know if he ever got over me. I stopped talking to him as muslim men and women are not supposed to chit chat with the opposite sex outside marriage and family. I never told anyone the reason for breaking up, just that it did not work out because I didn't tell them I was muslim yet.

But, I am married and have kids with a wonderful muslim husband for 7 years now. He is the best. He treats me like a queen.



April 10, 2014 @ (USA)

Tags: Break up, devastating

Best Break Up Story Ever
So there I was having dinner with my several of my friends. Two of the guys in very happy loving relationships, when my friend says to me, "that is the greatest break up story of all time." Although I felt smile crept through, inside my heart just froze.

On a chilly November night in Leipzig Germany, my co-worker and myself went out for dinner after 2 weeks of business behind us. Now we were on our own time. A little exploring and big dinner were on tap. My coworker was decent company, not a bad guy, loved European women, married, didn't mind having some fun.

After dinner we wandered around having some drinks at various places where we ended up a jazz club, 60's style, with a Beatles cover band playing in the corner. The place was fun and the people very friendly. All the people wanted to talk to us Americans. As the night progressed something terrible happened.

Let me rewind about a month now. What started out some minor gastric distress once, slowly progressed to be having severe stomach eruptions, completely unexpected. A week would go by and nothing, and than all of a sudden I could be walking into a work meeting and feel something just slide right out of me. Horrifically embarrassing.

Back to Germany. I was standing talking to a factory worker over a half liter of Leipzigs best, when all of a sudden it started happening again. An explosion already started to poke on out and there was no stopping it. I ran downstairs to the bathroom and locked myself in the toilet stall. To my dismay it was too late. The Hershey Highway was everywhere, even running into my brand new black dress shoes. I quickly looked for toilet paper.... Nothing.... My tie was the only source of anything worth cleaning myself up.

I tried to get myself into some type of working order and planned my exit. A side door out of the basement, I quickly exited leaving my co-worker behind. With a dead cell phone I wandered the streets for a bit to find my hotel. Without google maps Leipzig is a confusing city to navigate by foot. I found my hotel and quickly locked myself away to clean up. What a mess.

The next day my dear girlfriend at the time asked what happened to me last night where I responded nothing good. I told her about my issue and that I was driving up to Berlin. I was nervous because I didn't have my passport on me and couldn't remember where I packed it. Turns out it was still in my soiled pants double bagged in plastic. The relief of finding that passport once I arrived in Berlin was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

That night in the Berlin hotel, my coworker texted me to insure I was ok and what happened to me. I responded that everything was good and I met some girls and left with them and headed back to the hotel. I didn't want him to know of what happened to me.

Once I arrived home my girlfriend picked me up at the airport and we had a wonderful day. Filled with love making, shopping and cooking ourselves a wonderful meal. Jet lagged I fell asleep with a soft smile on my face, happy to home and loved. Than I woke to slamming door and my love gone. I thought I was dreaming and drifted off to sleep, where again I awoke to her coming and going once more and speeding away in her car.

I called her and asked her what was going on, and she responds you F'd a girl in Germany.... I saw your text message....

Turns out she snooped through my phone. For what reason I do not know, but saw my text to my coworker and assumed I cheated. I have never ever cheated in my life. And I would never....

Long story short, we sort of reconciled and started to move the relationship forward where 3 months later the relationship just fell right apart. Our trust was never repaired and the relationship just fell apart on Valentines day with a text from her saying she is done because she didn't believe I was out with my boss and his wife.

The best and worst heartbreaking break up story ever. I thought she was the girl I was going to marry.....



February 20, 2014 @ (england)

Tags: bad breakup, sad, confusing, emotional,

My relationship lasted just shy of 3 years, what would have been our 3 year anniversary was feb 4th, when we first got together I told her I was joining the army, she knew this was coming we were together for 5 months before I left for basic training, but we called every night and everytime we got together was amazing, I then got posted to a working unit at around our 2 year point, she was happier because I was home near every weekend then she decided she wanted more out of life and wanted to go to uni, which I fully supported, she was there for her first term of 3 months, so for 3 months It was never a good time to see her, I was either duty on weekend or she had an assignment needed doing without distraction, so the time came, Christmas leave 2013 I was so excited, and there was no clues or indication the breakup was coming, we were both still messaging each other as much as usual, planning Christmas all of that, finally got off the bus and saw her, I was soo happy I couldn't stop kissing and hugging her, she was a little off with me all day, that night I said "we're ok aren't we?" Then it was silent and she sat up in the bed, my heart was pounding I was terrified that everything we had together was about to end, she said "I think we should break up" her reasoning was good enough, we both are going through different things in our lives and currently want different things, she's 20 and I'm 21 and we were planning our whole lives together, she said she can't be dealing with the stress of never knowing when the next time we'll see each other is going to be.
It's been 2 months and a bit since, Iv deleted her Facebook and all her friends and family, I've stopped talking to her and focused on my own life, but admittedly, it's been the hardest thing I've ever had to do, Iv contacted her every now and then a hurtled my feelings at her (but not recently), I'v had nightmares about her being happier with other men and Iv had suicidal thoughts, Iv wanted so desperately to find out every single thing I could about why we ended but it did me no favors, in the end everytime I talk to her I push her further away and for a while that was what made me want to end my life, I'm not having those thoughts anymore and I'm sticking to this no contact thing, but it is hard, I unblocked her just to see how she's doing and she seems really happy, she then quickly blocked me. She did say "maybe we'll pick it up again one day when our situations change, but right now I need time for my course and my life"
Im not over her but I'm not crying about her anymore at least, I'm defiantly progressing, although I'm worried because I don't want to be with any other girl and I'm craving that feeling again but that comes and goes.
lately since cutting all contact ive been getting better, and now i see more clearly that this isnt the end of the world



January 27, 2014 @ (NZ)

Tags: confusing breakup

I met a guy on Tinder (yeah, i know that should have been alarm bells from the start). I'd been trying not to encourage him too much as I'd had a really bad relationship in the past which had caused me to have serious trust issues. I told him I just wanted to be friends, and thinking that he would be like most tinder guys and would bugger off as soon as he heard that, I didn't think it would go anywhere. But he was so persistent, and he would message me everyday, and after a few weeks we exchanged numbers and were soon texting every day. I looked forward to those texts because he was a really sweet guy and seemed to be able to cheer me up when I was having a bad day. Finally, I agreed to meet him, and it turned out that we actually had a lot in common, and we got on really well. Then a week later he asked me to be his girlfriend. I wasn't too sure as I didn't know a lot about him, but I knew I really liked him so I decided to go with it and see where it ended up. He went away over christmas for 3 weeks, but we still texted every day, and then he came back and was all excited to see me. And then the shit hit the fan. I thought he was acting strange, but when I confronted him about it he just said everything was fine and it was all in my head. I saw him last Friday and we had a super cute date, and he told me how special he was and how much he loved me. And then on Saturday morning I woke up to a text saying that I obviously wasn't coping with him never being able to see me, and so the relationship was over. It was the most pathetic excuse he could have used as I'd never ever suggested that in my life. I have my suspicions that he cheated on me but I'll never know for sure. He's now cut me completely out of his life( he deleted me on facebook 10 minutes after he dumped me), and I haven't had any texts from him or anything. I still have some of his stuff which I need to give back to him but he won't even see me long enough to let me do that, despite telling me by text that he does want it back. It feels weird to not have him in my life, as he's been such a big part of it for the last 3 months, but I kind of feel like it's for the best. I just miss my good morning beautiful texts that I would get every morning without fail :( I just wish I knew what I did that made this go from being such a happy relationship to such a ruined one



November 12, 2013 @ (Uew York)

Tags: Breakup, too young, sad

Lost Love
I broke up with my boyfriend two months ago. We were together for 1 year. I only have myself to blame. I knew our relationship wouldn’t work when we first started dating. We lived so far away from each other and we were so immature. It was too serious and we were too young. If I only knew then what I know now.

We would try to see each other every other week. For one year we did this. The bus trip took about six hours. At the time it didn’t matter because I got to see him at the end of the trip. When I finally saw him after those six long hours, I wouldn’t feel a thing. Our relationship was an illusion. We looked so cute in front of people but when we were alone we would always fight. The first six months was fine, but the other half was hell. We fought each night, even when we were not together. He would yell at me over the phone and I would yell back. When I said I didn’t want to do this anymore, he would push me on the bed and just lay on top of me hugging me and I would forget everything. I know he didn’t want me to go but we couldn’t keep on living like this. Things were bad…really bad and something had to change.

One night we finally ended it all.

Oh God, the agony. The pain is unbelievable. It’s rushing through my body, my veins, my soul. The memories take me back to that place. The night where it all went wrong. I said we couldn’t do this anymore. You said you didn’t want to break up. We had to end it; we couldn’t keep on going like this. We shouted, we cried, we loved, one last time. It all played out so well. My hands in your hair, your name on my lips and your hands on my hips. The warmth of each other kept the room warm. It was love in the atmosphere. We looked at each other; and just like that, it all went away. The love we sheared, fading. The feelings we had, forgotten. The warmth in the room, gone.

The morning after.
I walked you to the stairs. You stood there confusing. I stood right beside you holding your hand. The stairs were hard to walk. I felt like a rock every time I took a step. We stopped at the front door. You looked in to my eyes as you had your hand on the door handle. Your eyes were blank and full of tears just waiting to run down your face. We kissed one last time. I cried as you took your bag and walked out the door. I watched you walk away; you stopped and looked back. I remember those other times you’ve left, you would run back straight away, but this time you didn’t. You just kept on walking. And just like that you were gone.

As I watched you drive away, I felt a raindrop on my skin. It ran down my face; just like the tears in my eyes. The begging of a journey for some people, but an ending of a journey for us.

Now it’s finally over. I regret nothing.



May 23, 2012 @ (NA)

Tags: Break up

I dont know what to do. Here's my story.

I was friends with him for a year and a half before we got together. Even as friends, I knew he likes to manipulate people's feelings so that they do what he wants. He manipulated me into feeling guilty many times before and I knew he wasn't the man I was looking for. But my best friend got together with a guy I had a crush on and I was never going to get. He was recovering from his recent breakup with someone he had a long history with. So I started to go out with him.

It was my first real relationship (I'm 22). When I told my friends and family about him after a month, most of them told me they didn't like him. Some of my friends knew him from school, and warned me about being with him. I did break up with him because of that, but I also felt bad and ran back to beg for forgiveness the next day. It should've ended right there. But I was lonely and I don't like feeling I've been unfair to him.

Then for the next year and a half, we broke up numerous times and got back together the same number of times. There was never a time we were officially broken up for more than 10 days. A year ago, I told my friends and family after a break up that we were done and I never updated them that we got back together again. It was just too much drama and stupidity on my part. After most of the break ups, either of us would just begs the other for forgiveness and another chance. Because there were just too many times that had happened, I actually made a promise to myself that I won't say it again unless I meant it.

For the last two months, I feel that he's been neglecting me and mostly just spending all his time with the people at his business. I knew he really wanted make it a success, so I had gotten involved with his business too, but not helping him as much as he liked. But I was at the office ten hours a week or more until April when I had to concentrate on my exams. A few weeks ago, I realized that I'm nowhere near the top of his priorities, and he won't call or text me during the day because he's "too busy at work".

The catalyst for the break up was he promised to take me to see a movie, but he pushed it back time and time again, and I, being very considerate, allowed it. But that last time, I told him to set a firm date and time, but he just told me not to bother him about it, he's tired, etc. I broke up with him through text after I hung up. That was two weeks ago. I felt sad every day since then, I cry on and off all day and night and sometimes feel that my life is meaningless. But some days i feel fine.

I care deeply for him. We met up last week, and I pretended that I was normal and told him that we can be friends. Last night, I texted him whether I can drop by his place at night (he lives a 5min walk away) and talk. He told me not to. I guess he was right, cuz I just wanted to see him and see how he's doing. Like he isn't a bad person and I learned to be a better person because of him. I just feel that he didn't treat me right, especially in the last months. Maybe he just doesn't love me as much. But I had grown to care for him and think of him everyday during our 1.5yrs together. I think of him constantly and I get teary and cry all the time now.

I want to tell him why I broke up with him and ask why he agreed (we never had a conversation about this). I want to see how he's doing. I want to tell him that of he just changed how he treats me I would stay with him. I think all this time, I've just been wishing that he would change for me since I knew that him as himself is not who I want (am I confusing you? Lol). He doesn't contact me now unless its about his business or unless I texted him first. What should I do?



November 25, 2010 @ (Michigan)

Tags: 2

My situation is unique for why i have such a shattered heart.... i was with my boyfriend for 6 months...i know its not that long but i loved him more than anything he was my best friend and i trusted him...and he got me pregnant....When i first told him the news he was excited and wanted me to keep the baby. Even though we're both really young and I myself am not ready to be a mother. But because i loved him and i wanted to be with im forever i thought maybe we could make this work. Then the next day he broke up with me through a text messege while i was at work. You can imagine how hurt i was. I couldnt even work the rest of that day because i was soooo hurt and confused. You're probably thinking that hes just an immature 21 year old and yes that is true but i cant shake the horrible heart breaking feeling over this. He will not give me an explination of any sort. He wont talk to me at all.
That's not even the worst part. I found out a week later he has a new girlfriend who has a baby. He is posting facebook status' that say how much he cant stop thinking about his "wife" and "baby" and he is as happy as he has ever been in his life. I know now that i shouldnt have looked at his facebook, and after reading that i promised myself i will NEVER look at it again. Its unbelievably heart breaking to know that he left me to be with that girl who has baby. I felt i had no other choice but to get an abortion. I dont want to be a single mother at this age. I dont think i could do it alone. I am so confused because i dont know what i would have done for him to leave me like that. I dont understand why he would want me to keep our baby then throw me away like trash and then run off with that other girl. He's rubbing my nose in it with those facebook posts. The pain i feel with this is excruciating. While im here miserablely heart broken wondering what i had done wrong he is out there with his new girlfriend he calls his "wife" and hes being a father to her baby. Also that girl he is with changed her last name on facebook to his last name, as if they were married. It is absolutly rediculous because i almost feel like he is doing all of this on purpose to get at me, but i also think maybe is real between them and they really do want to be married after only knowing eachother one week. Well for all i know they could have been going out when me and him were together, but i try not to think of it that way. I do have to mention that he didnt help pay for the abortion after i asked him to. He completely ignored me. So i have talked with his mother about my situation. She is on my side with this which is somewhat comforting but doesnt change what happend...
I dont know what i should do to work past this. I cant stop thinking about it. I have had past relationships and i thought i've been heartbroken before but nothing like this. This is pain i have never felt before and its horrible. I want answers. Everyone says I am young and ill move on and forget about all this over time. I just keep waiting around because maybe he will give me a explination for all of this. I NEVER saw this coming. Me and im were happy together and we also seen eachother every day so what happend makes no sense to me at all. I can imagine he met her one day and then BAM desided to get "married" and be a happy family. It's confusing and i dont understand.



March 03, 2010 @ (Norway)

Tags: Confusing long distance

So, I lived in the USA for a year and got a boyfriend. We dated for approx. 8 months before I had to leave. We went in to a long distance realtionship which was hard but it worked. Now 8 months into it, and 4 moths before I come back, he decides to end it. I was heartbroken. Now after a week of silence he e-mails me and asks: did we use condoms when whe had sex"!? He also said "he was just thinking about it the other night." This all happened after he said he didn't have any feelings for me anymore, he even said he didn't want me to come back and now he's randomly e-mailing me! What is this supposed to mean? Does he regret breaking up, or just trying to make it harder for me to get over him?


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