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October 20, 2015 @ (Carpenter)

Tags: Embarrassing Breakup

One day in my 6th grade school year a young biy in my class asked me out and said he wanted me to meet his parents THAT night so without his parents knowledge. So I knock on the door that night and he got the door I came in and he said hey mom thiswas the one I was telling you about. His mother said you never said anything about company coming over for dinner, and you never said that you had a girlfriend!! Since his father screwed around, he had 26 siblings somehow. I had dinner there. During dinner he brought up the topic that he wanted to take me to the Valentine's day Dance at our school the next day. I said sure so the next night we went and guess what he broke up with me at the dance. I was soooooo embarrassed. I haven't gone to a school dance since. And there's been about 25 of them



June 19, 2015 @ (London)

Tags: bad breakup, betrayal, work,

I meet this girl at work, she's sexy, interesting, nice, everything I wanted really. I was rarely on shift with her when she started there, and then she takes time off for medical reasons. When she comes back, we get talking and begin to date. Everything's going well, really well; but then one day I realise that I have a lump on my nut sack. Not wanting to worry her, I don't tell her and try to get it checked out. I have to wait for 2 weeks with registering and making an appointment, and in this time I begin to stress out, fearing the worst, as I began to feel ill in other ways (btw all turned out to be nothing). Also during this time, she just suddenly stops texting me (she'd text me all the time when we weren't around each other). I have to make all the effort, and she keeps refusing to see me outside of work, where I just wanna tell her how scared I am of going to the doctors, but don't wanna text her it. When I see her at work I feel as though she doesn't wanna be around me. I knew she'd been talking to some other guy at work too, but he was in a relationship (with another girl at work) and I respected her too much to ever think too much of it. She texts me the night before my doctors appointment, breaking up with me for being distant. I was gutted, however I was given the all clear the next day at the docs, and I text her that day to tell her that I've been distant because of this, and that I still wanna be with her. She doesn't reply, and oddly enough I soon find myself getting over her. She takes a week off work, so I haven't seen her since she ended it. I try talking to her a few days back, just to get some dialog going between us, hoping we could get back together, or at least just not have it awkward between us when she gets back to work. Our convo's just small talk, and I get the impression things are over for good. Then that night things really go to shit, when I get a text off this girl at work. She tells me her bf broke up with her the same day my gf did with me, and then two days later our ex's slept together (these are the same people I mentioned earlier). They'd been texting each other behind our backs for weeks, she knows this having logged onto his fb profile and read the messages between them. 10 mins after receiving this text, I get one off my ex telling me the same thing. I'm livid and don't know what to do. I angrily text her back, insulting the shit out of her. I go into work a couple days later and almost everyone knows the story. Everyone's really supportive and stuff, but when I go in the next day he's there. I didn't know what to do, I wanted to hit him so badly, but I know that if I did, I'd lose my job. He can't even bring himself to look at me. She's got another week off now, and I begin hearing stuff about how much people disliked her and slutty stories people had heard about her. I also find out that people where only nice around her because she was with me. She comes back in just under a week, but I don't know what to do. It's easy for people to say just be the bigger man, but I almost find it embarrassing to go into work now. I wouldn't say she broke my heart, as I never really imagined us being together forever, but I did care for her and loved her, and for her to betray me in this way has just left me feeling shit.



April 10, 2014 @ (USA)

Tags: Break up, devastating

Best Break Up Story Ever
So there I was having dinner with my several of my friends. Two of the guys in very happy loving relationships, when my friend says to me, "that is the greatest break up story of all time." Although I felt smile crept through, inside my heart just froze.

On a chilly November night in Leipzig Germany, my co-worker and myself went out for dinner after 2 weeks of business behind us. Now we were on our own time. A little exploring and big dinner were on tap. My coworker was decent company, not a bad guy, loved European women, married, didn't mind having some fun.

After dinner we wandered around having some drinks at various places where we ended up a jazz club, 60's style, with a Beatles cover band playing in the corner. The place was fun and the people very friendly. All the people wanted to talk to us Americans. As the night progressed something terrible happened.

Let me rewind about a month now. What started out some minor gastric distress once, slowly progressed to be having severe stomach eruptions, completely unexpected. A week would go by and nothing, and than all of a sudden I could be walking into a work meeting and feel something just slide right out of me. Horrifically embarrassing.

Back to Germany. I was standing talking to a factory worker over a half liter of Leipzigs best, when all of a sudden it started happening again. An explosion already started to poke on out and there was no stopping it. I ran downstairs to the bathroom and locked myself in the toilet stall. To my dismay it was too late. The Hershey Highway was everywhere, even running into my brand new black dress shoes. I quickly looked for toilet paper.... Nothing.... My tie was the only source of anything worth cleaning myself up.

I tried to get myself into some type of working order and planned my exit. A side door out of the basement, I quickly exited leaving my co-worker behind. With a dead cell phone I wandered the streets for a bit to find my hotel. Without google maps Leipzig is a confusing city to navigate by foot. I found my hotel and quickly locked myself away to clean up. What a mess.

The next day my dear girlfriend at the time asked what happened to me last night where I responded nothing good. I told her about my issue and that I was driving up to Berlin. I was nervous because I didn't have my passport on me and couldn't remember where I packed it. Turns out it was still in my soiled pants double bagged in plastic. The relief of finding that passport once I arrived in Berlin was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

That night in the Berlin hotel, my coworker texted me to insure I was ok and what happened to me. I responded that everything was good and I met some girls and left with them and headed back to the hotel. I didn't want him to know of what happened to me.

Once I arrived home my girlfriend picked me up at the airport and we had a wonderful day. Filled with love making, shopping and cooking ourselves a wonderful meal. Jet lagged I fell asleep with a soft smile on my face, happy to home and loved. Than I woke to slamming door and my love gone. I thought I was dreaming and drifted off to sleep, where again I awoke to her coming and going once more and speeding away in her car.

I called her and asked her what was going on, and she responds you F'd a girl in Germany.... I saw your text message....

Turns out she snooped through my phone. For what reason I do not know, but saw my text to my coworker and assumed I cheated. I have never ever cheated in my life. And I would never....

Long story short, we sort of reconciled and started to move the relationship forward where 3 months later the relationship just fell right apart. Our trust was never repaired and the relationship just fell apart on Valentines day with a text from her saying she is done because she didn't believe I was out with my boss and his wife.

The best and worst heartbreaking break up story ever. I thought she was the girl I was going to marry.....


Marie C

January 22, 2014 @ (Nevada)

Tags: embarrassing funny

He broke up with me because he met a girl that was more into Robotics than I was. I always knew he was a geek, but robotics? Really? It was more surprising/embarrassing than painful.



October 24, 2013 @ (Florida)

Tags: Bad break up

At the beginning, I knew better. I knew better than to date someone who I hadn't been friends with for a while.
I knew better.
Yet still I was determined that this guy I was seeing, was worth it all and that everything would work out. He promised me. Doesn't he know how to keep promises?
His parents got in the way. Always. I learned to accept that, and even though they would insult me to the point of tears, I never gave up on this guy. I never lied, cheated, or never kept my promises.
I let him in, and we enjoyed eachothers company. Just two lovers, happy with no interruptions.
I learned his likes: Baseball, Christ, Spicy Food, Powerade Zero Orange, Orange anything, Food always, and much more.
I learned his goals: Finish college, own his own Chick-Fil-A or sports bar.
All of my friends loved this guy, because I was happy.
I really was happy.
He never really went out of his way unless I begged though. I wasn't sure how to take it, but I never got really upset. I just asked him to please do something to make me feel special.
He ALWAYS promised.
I mean he always said he had a surprise for me, and the times he actually gave me a note, it would be two sentences.
Still, I was happy.
Suddenly I became less important.
Morning texts consisted of "Good morning, love you." You're telling me you had 30 minutes ride to college and all I got was that?
It used to be "Pick me up at 10:30AM, let me ditch school to be with you."
Suddenly, I didn't feel like enough, and even though he reassured me that I was, he never showed it anymore.
My birthday weekend was terrible. Last minute he decided what was more important, It wasn't me. Not even on my birthday weekend.
I was upset. I forgave him.
We moved on, but he no longer kept his word that he had surprises.
Why lie?
I became a part of his life and suddenly he could lie to me.
I loved him anyways.
I don't know if I expected too much, but I didn't ask for a lot.
I gave him so much.
I always supported him with any decision he ever made.
I tried to make him happy still.
I recieved broken promises.
My sister died. It hit me so hard, but I never showed it.
I didn't want to bring him down.
He never asked if I was okay. Not once.
I wasn't okay. I'm STILL not.
I loved him anyways.
He lied to me and said he would go to the funeral with me.
I felt special.
Then he said no... I felt worthless.
He could see how much pain I was in, he still said no.
I forgave him. That is unforgivable. I needed him and he walked away, work was more important.
I still went to his work, I hugged him and cried. He made everything okay suddenly.
Suddenly, I didn't feel worthless.
Then came Sunday.
I was broken. My mom was in the hospital, my sister died.
He broke me MORE.
He walked away from me at the worst time.
I let him go, he didn't fight to stay.
Suddenly, those endless nights talking, random walks, the aquarium, my birthday, the baseball games and laughing in bed... were to be broken memories.
We talked that night. He lied. He gave me false hope.
We got back together and suddenly it was okay. We could fix this. Love could fix anything.
I forgave him.
He broke me even more.
Suddenly he ignored me all day. We spoke only late at night.
His parents got in the way. I could see how much he let them control him and his happiness.
He hid me from them, like I was the dirt beneath them.
He toyed with my emotions. We were together, he just wouldn't tell anyone.
I broke even more.
I tried to forgive him.
It was my turn to stand up and walk away.
I did.

And now it's been a week and I found out I'm pregnant. He knows this, and I'm pretty sure he wants to get back together because of it, and because he says he wants to be with me because it was a mistake to break it off.

A couple days later, I figured out he deleted every picture of me and us off of his facebook (he says he didn't do it), like the 11 months we were together didn't exist, I didn't exist and I could be erased that easily.

So I took him out, between college classes, and we fell back into the routine. He made me laugh, smile, even looked me dead in the eyes and said he wanted me back. Well it's a little embarrassing seeing as his mother is his friend on facebook and probably saw everything erased of us. Still, I was considering it.

I went to drop him back off at College, and I sat there in my car asking him if he had flirted with any girls. He said no. So I said, alright... Well let me see your phone (I honestly wasn't snooping, I just wondered if he still had pictures of us in his photo album. He did.)

Right then a girl messaged him and it opened up, and I know I shouldn't of read any of it, but I did. Shame on me. IT WAS ON FACEBOOK CHAT. It went like this:

Him: Hey
Her: Hey
Him: How are you?
Her: Didn't you just break up with your girlfriend?
Him: How do you know I had a girl?
Her: Look I don't have time for this nonsense.
Him: Do you want to get to know me?
Her: Go sit in front of a TV with a tub of icecream.

And that was it. I told him to get his shit and get out of my car. Generally, if you want someone back, you don't go around flirting?

He texted me saying he was sorry, that it was just a question. I was pissed, he sat there and acted like I didn't even exist, talking to other girls. How serious was he about getting back together, because HE was the one who suggested it. Turns out that wasn't the only girl he had been talking to.

He then turned it on me saying, "I thought we were done and you were talking to other guys, that's why I did it."

No, actually I don't play with peoples emotions. I hadn't talked to any guys. I wouldn't of anyways, but the fact that I'm pregnant and knew he needed to be there in this childs life, pushed me even further to try and make it work out.

I'm so confused!



May 06, 2012 @ (california)

Tags: first, break, up

I started dating later in life, so he was my first--and this is my first break up.

We moved in together less than 6 months after our first date. We stayed together for a little under 2 years, but things started getting rocky half way through. I was feeling unsatisfied. I wanted it to work, and i would try communicating to him what I wanted. But for some reason we just weren't on the same page. By the end both of us were feeling worn out and unloved.

I was the one who initiated the idea of splitting. Maybe, immaturely on my part, I was thinking that it would spark something and we'd think, "no, I don't want to lose this person", and we'd try some other way to reach each other. But by then we didn't even know how to have that dialogue. It took me a couple of months to actually move out, but after some emotional drama, in the end he was the one wanting me to leave.

It's been about a month now and I can't stop feeling as though we failed, as though something died. And instead of just leaving it be and moving on, I keep feeling like we could have done so much better. I feel like the situation has brought me perspective, and a new sense of awareness of what it really means to be in a relationship with someone. But apparently it's too late. He says he's too tired, that he needs time to himself.

I could understand taking some time to ground ourselves, so reassess the situation. But in my mind I'm daydreaming about us connecting again like we did in the beginning, with excitement and a sense of adventure. In my mind, the second time around would be more wise, more mature. We'd have a better sense of how to approach it.

But he doesn't even want to entertain the idea, I guess. Embarrassingly, he doesn't even want to take my calls. I keep wanting things from him that he doesn't want to give. It hurts me, and on top of that I feel like such an idiot for trying still.

But I don't know how to let go, you know? I don't know how to not remember all the things about him and our past relationship without missing him.

I guess I'm not even sure if it's him I want. Maybe I am just craving a fulfilling relationship in general, and I keep trying to make him fit into that when he's obviously not the one for me.

It's still so hard to not get all emotional. I can go a couple of weeks without contacting him, but then it's like I can't stand it anymore and I just want to hear his voice. ]:

Pathetic, I know.



November 25, 2011 @ (United Kingdom)

Tags: confused, hurt, lost, change, embarrassing

We met in September 2010, at a friend's flat party. He whisked me off to the Isle of Skye for three days of surreal relaxation. We didn't even know each other but both wanted an adventure. I was his after that.

The next year was one of the best. Truly, I was so happy. He was my best friend, we spent most of our time together. He wrote me songs, letters, drew me pictures. I visited his family, he met mine, we all got on. Not one person in my life disliked him. We never argued, and he knew me better than anybody else.

However, this September, things changed. He became more interested in University work and University friends. I can understand that completely, we live in different cities, about 40 minutes apart, but he had literally no time for me, and reminded me of that constantly. He told me to put up with it for the next year and a half.

Things exploded and we broke up over the phone. He then phoned me ten times, I ignored, and he turned up at my flat, on the verge of tears, with a letter saying how sorry he is and how he realises now that he was wrong. I told him we both need to take a bit of room to breathe.

A week later, I asked him to meet up for a coffee, expecting him to be in a similar, apologetic mind set, and with hopes we could find a new way forward, things were going to change. Instead, he told me his life is a lot less stressful without me. "It's not that I don't like you" he said, and proceeded to talk about how we should be friends because we get on so well. He showed no emotion whatsoever. I met him at 3 and was waiting for a train home by 20 past 3. He told me about the "cool" parties he's been to with his friends and the nights he has planned, how some girl was nipping his thigh at the last one and being very weird with him.

I didn't show any emotion. I was relentlessly 'nice' because I didn't want him to have all of the power, or anything to hold against me. Now I'm just trying to pick up the pieces.



August 03, 2010 @ (Atlanta, GA)

Tags: Parent Interference

Sometimes when you try too hard, you end up destroying everything.

Early last month, I had traveled to Germany to visit my girlfriend that had just completed a semester studying abroad in China. Her family has a home in Germany, and I was invited to fly over and have my long-awaited reunion with her. While my heart was joyful to have her in my arms again, I was about to face unprecedented circumstances ultimately leading to our relationship's demise.

For the first four days in Germany, the food was completely not agreeing with my stomach, causing much discomfort. Instead of complaining about her mother's cooking, I tried my best to eat what I could and be respectful. If the ordeal ended there, it would have been no big deal. Then Sunday's emergency hit.

Her family and I traveled by bike to a neighboring village to watch a parade. Unknowingly, I experienced the most emasculating injury possible while in route. Thirty minutes into the parade, I started to experience pain in my "manhood area." After excusing myself from the group, I went into a local bar, ordered a drink and went to the bathroom to find an unprecedented swelling of one of my testicles. (Thank God for anonymity, because naturally this is a truly embarrassing moment.) After this discovery, I exited the bathroom, quickly consumed my drink and swiftly exited back to the street. I told my girlfriend I immediately needed to get to the hospital, and word started to spread among the family. Without any option for a taxi or ambulance, we were forced to ride by bicycle to the hospital. Upon arrival, I was laid out in an examination room with my girlfriend and her mother standing at the end of the table, with my full injury on display. This was necessary, as I do not speak German and needed translation. I was diagnosed with Testicular Torsion and required immediate surgery. The procedure was a success, and I departed the hospital the following day to return to the family's house.

Back in their house, I was laid out in pain, recovering from my procedure. During this time, the whole family was working on renovating the bottom floor of the house. I felt guilty that I could not assist in their efforts, and isolated myself in discomfort. After 4 days being distant in their home, I was able to get on a flight back to America to see my English-speaking Doctor. My girlfriend would stay behind with the intention of traveling back the following week. We were on the verge of having a normal relationship, once again, after being separated for 5 months.

Then I inadvertently screwed up with her parents. The day following my arrival back to America, I wrote her parents an email attempting to explain my bad behavior during my stay in Germany. I thanked them for their hospitality, and humbled myself to any criticism they may have possessed. This letter was taken as an attack, and I received a reply 3 days later criticizing me for being snide and lacking self-confidence. They trivialized my relationship with their daughter and made the determination that I was not good enough to be with her. Thirty minutes later, and just one week after my medical emergency, my girlfriend broke up with me over Skype.

Instead of traveling back to America, she has stayed in Germany for another two weeks. She has only listened to her parents about their limited view of my conduct. She will not talk to me and will not stand up for the love we genuinely found together.

She returns to America tomorrow, from my understanding. I'm not going to harass her, but I'm truly devastated to have lost her. Hopefully her friends will help her form her own opinion of things.

If you've read this far, thank you. I felt compelled to write the whole background as I'm so very confused by these circumstances. There is no take-away lesson from this experience, and that almost makes it harder to recover from and rationalize.


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