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April 28, 2017 @ (Japan )

Tags: Bad break up dramatic

We met in college. Dated for two years, he joined the army, he got send to another country. We were separated for 6 months before the reunion. I realized that he changes a lot after joining the military. He became so busy and tired.
I found myself not being introduced to his new friends anymore. I found that he has been using social media a lot. I saw him leaving flirty comments to some girls. He wanted to break up with me for a few times.every time I said no to him and told him :we can get through this long distance relationship. I flew back to my country after that
reunion(1semester of study abroad). He asked for a break up again. I couldn't deal with it anymore, as he has no willing to come to visit me or even come back to me anytime in the future. I see him dated a girl who I saw he left the flirts message with. I tried to ruin his relationship with that girl by making him feeling guilt about cheated on me. Then I kinda successed, he expressed he WANTED ME BACK, while he was still with that girl .
I said no. Shortly after, they broke up for whatever the reason. and I heard that he is dating another girl.
I am still feeling sad, because I still miss him.



June 17, 2015 @ (Mumbai)

Tags: sudden breakup

met him on a friendship site at first, and I had no intention to date anyone. I was 22 an year ago and that's when I met him there. We talked almost everyday for hours and I thought he had good views and ideas. I happened to read a few stories on his blog which were about his crushes or maybe girlfriends in the past. He never wanted to talk about his past,he told me he's not ready to tell me yet. By the way,I never sent him my picture,because we planned to meet in real. after few months, I realized that my mom was totally unhappy with me having a boyfriend,and I decided to break it. But that's when he missed me and i missed him too, and we got back together. I always was trying to convince my mom about us. Later, we fell much more in love, he asked me to marry me, thrice. And then I imagined things like that. He started to ignore me sometimes and used to come back again, though I told him I was not able to take it, he used to talk everyday but sometimes he still ignored me again. He started to be highly flirtatious and his chats were not making me feel comfortable. I finally told him not to make me feel uncomfortable. I asked him about marraige, he said that it involves many things and he do not know what the future holds. Then why should he propose to me?? . He did not tell anyone about me, not at least his mom. That always bothered me. He started to ignore me again for tv shows and his hobbies, and we were talking one night, I asked him if it's worth talking anymore, he said no, i wasn't expecting that answer, I asked him again, if anything is left to talk,he said no again. I asked him if anything is new in his life, he said maybe after 6 months,things can be new. I said, so that will happen, he said it happens if he finds someone. that's when i decided to break up. I went away and I went online again to make things clear. I asked him about it again, he said if i leave him,he'll find someone and he also acted like he's ok with me leaving,he didn't stop me. I told him, that I never thought of someone else or what I'd do if i broke up with him but as he's able to entertain such thoughts i asked him to break up with me. He asked me to go to sleep and never talked to me again. I also found his comments on another site in which he was flirting with girls, and I have stopped to feel comfty with him since then, it kinda broke my heart



March 26, 2014 @ (Bournemouth )

Tags: Comments, soloutions, Get back together, Don't

Me and my ex dated for a year and a half (well almost...). I don't know if I need to move on or not, it doesn't feel right in my heart to. Here's some background information:
We were best friends all the way through secondary school, the first week of year 11 we got together. We then spent the next year and a half together, which was the best time of my life, I felt feelings towards him that I never felt for any one before, he was my soul mate and I couldn't imagine my life without him. Then one week before our 18 month anniversary he ended it, saying he needed more space, which I agreed I felt we needed too, not that I wanted to break up. The next few weeks were hell, I couldn't get my head around what had happened and why. We talked for a few days after the break up, going through everything, and then didn't take for almost a week, which was hard considering I talked to this boy almost every day for 5 years of my life. It is now three weeks on and I still miss him like crazy, we still text, and he claims we are still 'best friends', it just doesn't seem right, I know we are not supposed to just be best friends, we are supposed to be more, and everyone thinks that. He is giving me mixed signals on how he feels, even though he claimed after 4 days he had 'moved on'. The worst part is, I still think about him every day and love every moment we are speaking, however, we work together in the school holidays, which means after breaking up and not seeing him for a month, we have to work together next week for two weeks (Easter), and I don't know what's going to happen. I know I can't move on because its not right, so how do I make him realise its not over?



November 04, 2013 @ (United States)

Tags: The worst feeling in the world is being replaced

We were together for four years. I loved him with every ounce of me. I gave him my all. He was my everything. His parents were a big issue, they never allowed us to go out on dates and we constantly had to hangout with his family. He never asked me on dates, and never really wanted to spend time with me. I loved him more than he loved me I guess. My graduation party came and went and he never showed. His father would not allow him to come to it. It hurt very bad but I wanted to stay with him through it all. A few days went by and he said we needed to talk. He came over and broke up with me that night, he said he needed to focus on himself and I was not outgoing enough for him. It hurt days passed by and I found out he cheated on me with a girl four years younger than he is. Shortly after I went onto facebook and had to see pictures of them begin to appear, comments and love statuses going up about each other. His parents are constantly talking about how much they love her and how she is perfect for him. I thought he was the one, and he told me we were going to get married that i was the one for him. Four years, we were together four years and he moved on. He moved on and I cannot get him out of my head. I hope everyday he will come back to me and it tears me up inside what he is doing. He can take her out on dates, hangout with her all the time, and do everything for her. What does she have that I don't? I thought he loved me...



July 11, 2012 @ (HK)

Tags: breakup, ow

I'm 15 years old, he's 16. Let's call him by his initial, D. We started as good friends, and it slowly morphed into something more, like he would say 'I miss you', when I went out with friends and stuff. We had a common friend, my best friend, and he told me that he liked me, I was relieved because I thought he liked my friend. So we were together for 3 months, we rarely argued and it was all good :) But during the winter holidays, we barely talked, and he left for Japan with just a quick 'oh btw im going to japan'. So when he returned, we talked again over Skype, but I realized something was wrong. He wasn't the same. So I asked him if he liked me, and he said he didn't know, so when I tried to talk it through, he just said brb, cos his friend was calling him. Then when I asked whether we could talk in person, and he said he was busy tomorrow. So he promised to talk the day after. When the day after finally came, he said he was 'too tired in the mornings' and didn't even bother. So we decided on 'a break'. Meanwhile, he went to my best friend for support, though he didn't need it. I, in turn, somehow became close with the friend he had ditched me for, on the day that we broke up. During Easter, we got close again. He started making sexual comments, and touching me..but he never once said he liked me. It was all over by the time Easter ended. I had gotten into a fight with my best friend over my actions in the past year, for she didn't like how I had changed with sadness. It hurt me to see my ex making statuses for her like 'cheer up' or 'go online', But what hurt most was, on his steam profile, he said he loved a special person with a description so fitting her and the things they talk about. I don't know what to do, we still talk but it's awkss. I just need some advice.



March 18, 2012 @ (Up the hill..)

Tags: Jill, jack, pale of water

One night my best friend and I were waiting for my parents to pick us up from a party when my phone started buzzing. When I looked down It was a guy in my grade named jack, it was really random since we hardly ever text. And at that moment, when I got that text I knew I liked him and he liked me. We started texting from early in the morning to late at night everyday, and we never ran out of things to talk about. He finally asked me out at school and we were the most adorable couple. At parties it was always just him and I hanging out being all over each other and being little kids together. He was so sweet to me. And then things started getting rocky. Suddenly he wouldn't text me as much and he would make the rudest comments to me. Then he just broke up with me. I mean it's not like I didn't have it coming because I knew we were having problems anyways. But I was still heart broken. He then started flirting with all my friends and getting super close to my best friend, the same girl in the beginning. But one night when I was missing him the most he texted me saying how sorry he was and how he wanted me back so badly. I agreed and immediately went to tell my best friend excitedly. She broke down in tears over the phone saying how sorry she was and what a terrible friend she had been. She then explained how jack and her were talking the whole time we were dating and how she technically got him to break up with me. I was so confused and happy and heart broken at the same time. But I trusted her and forgave them both. Even tho he doesn't know that I know he did that. We dated a few more months and all of a sudden he broke up with me again. She did the exact same thing to me again. Now I can't look at either of them the way I used to. I don't want to forgive, when now I can't forget..



February 24, 2012 @ (Evansville IN)

Tags: 1

My boyfriend of six years broke up with me valentines day. Completely outta the blue I wake up that morning to a text by him saying that he doesn't know what to tell me bout our plans for that day cause he met a girl hes ''been talking to" and she takes up all his time now and he has no use for me now. He told me get lost. It was the most brutal heartbreak I ever felt. We'd spent the three days prior to that together and talking bout what kinda things we'd like to do together in life. He'd told me we were meant for each other the very night before...and to do it on valentines day was the cruelest thing. He wouldn't answer his phone or texts that day. The next day he texted he wanted to talk and see me. I said no. Two days of continually asking me I finally agreed. He sat right in front of me at my kitchen table and told me he was confused and didn't know whAt he wanted and that the new gf wasn't even really his gf yet. He basically buttered me up with compliments and I believed him like a fool. The very next day he invited himself over started acting like a complete jerk by texting her continuously and then saying after 45 min into our dinner date that he was done and he had to take me home cause he had somewhere to. I said whats wrong with you I don't understand. He went crazy yelling and screaming for me to get the hell out of his car and that he hates me and not to invite him over again. I said are you on drugs or something cause you invited yourself. He drew his fist back at me like to punch me and I started to cry cause I'd never seen anything like this ever. He had instantly changed. He threw his coke on me as I got out the car and was pushing on me to get out making me fall. I was completely freaked out. This was not the same guy I'd Been with for the last six years of my life which now feel completely wasted. This was like something out of a scary movie. I'm completely devastated and don't know what to do or why this is happening. I think maybe he is on drugs cause I've discovered he's been taking some of my prescriptions from my purse here in the last two months. It's only thing I can think of. . I also was told by him that he'd ran his car into a ditch drunk with a few of his new friends in the car with him the night before he came over the first day we talked. He said they'd been celebrating his buddy's 21st bday and that this particular friend who I've tried to invite to do things with us and to bring along his gf, well I got told that friend doesn't like me so that's why I'm getting dumped. Please if anybody on here can possibly relate or just tell me anything,to help this terrible thing I'm going through I would very much appreciate your advice or comments. Thanks



December 31, 2011 @ (bacolod)

Tags: 123

Hey.I'm ladiesman from philippines(obviously just an alias). It's my first time to experience this kind of pain from a break-up, cause I've invested too much on this woman. We got into a relationship through a dare game, in a text message. We got along,flirted,calling each other every 10:00 in the evening, been making out 4 times.., but never had an actual sex(just oral). The thin g with our relationship is she doesn't want to go out with me in public, telling me that she doesn't want her friends to know about it and that they will be shocked, I've also asked her about the guys that had been tecting her and calling her, and she would just tell me that these guys are nothing to worry about. Deep inside me I know that she's hiding something from me, but everytime I've asked her about this one she would always tell me the same thing, that I don't need to worry, they are just old acquaintances/ friends. It got to a point that I couldn't take this kind of thing anymore, and that I wanted our relationship to be open, so I told her about it, we broke up, and after an hour I told her that I was sorry and I want her back again. She just agreed, but starting that time, things got weird. She would not call me every 10:00 in the evening like what she's gonna be doing before, always delayed or sometimes not replying on my text messages anymore, started to make excuses for us not to meet, it was too much for me that I tried to call her for 33 times, she didn't answered back then. She then texted me on why have I called her for that many number of times, and I told her that I thought she was trying to avoid me, she was pissed, and told me that she's starting to lose interest on me because of what i did, and that caused our break up. I still made an effort to contact her, and even called her once asking for one more chance, but she told me that she just wants to be alone during christmas, and that she won't be giving me a chance
"for now" she says. 3 days passed, i never texted her but I would still call her from time to time, cause I was badly missing our daily routine of calling each other, and also spending time with her too...The last time that she answered the phone, after my 5 attempted calls in one day, she said"hello?...., I'm still busy", and then she dropped the phone. That hurted like hell for me. I felt like it's really 100% over already. I couldn't get over it that much, i became a paranoid and tried to seek advice from a lot of people around me, even those that I don't know. It came to a point that I've realized that I'm starting to get over it already, and had been trying to check her fb walls if there are other guys posting some stuffs. Lo and behold, there was a guy that I really have doubts to have a sexual reltionship with her that posted in her wall, I checked his fb account, checked on the pictures and his walls, and there I've discovered that my girl was actually trying to flirt, and chase the guy(cause he's a model) and had been posting a lot of flirty comments to each other since the day that my girl and I started making out(only lasted for about 2 months and a couple of weeks). Right now, I already consider her as a bitch, and is still trying to move on from the lies that she's been doing to me. I never realized that she's this kind of person, but a girl like this are the type to just be thrown away and be ignored(that's what my ego tells me to do....), and that's what I'm trying to do right now. Thing is, she still has a small boobs and a smelly cunt, so, I wanna wish the other guys who's gonna be meeting with her vagina a goodluck.



July 20, 2010 @ (Tennessee)

Tags: JoLeigh

My Boyfriend and Me were together for 7 months when it all started. He found out his Uncle (which was like his dad) had cancer. I was ALWAYS there for him, and ALWAYS tried to make him feel better. I sat in the hospital with him a couple of times, to try to make him feel better. He starting acting different around me when all this happend, He was alot more mean & starting acting like he didnt care anymore. I kept telling him how he was hurting my feelings but the fighting continued. At the first of July everything starting going down hill. We fought everyday. I always trie telling him how i felt but he never listened to me. One night around the usual time he calls me He said he wasnt going to call because he was watching a movie. I just asked him If a movie was more important than me? and he said I get mad over the littest things. All I wanted was to talk to my boyfriend? The next night, I texted him and asked him if he was getting tired of me? And he said I dont know, I just need time. So that scared me and I called him. Well apparently he didnt have enough respect for me to go somewhere private so we could talk about this. Because all I could hear in the back ground was people talking & he was saying was Idk Idk Idk to every question I asked. That night I decided to ignore him for the rest of the night & the next few days, hopeing that would make him realize how much he had hurt my feelings. But that was a horrible mistake because all he did was get more pissed at me over it. I finally broke down and texted him a few days after this and all he texted back was," You know we are not dating anymore, Right?" That broke my heart. I called him and we talked for 1 hour & a half. He wanted to take a 2 week break from our relationship because he was so "stressed" & needed time to think. So I was like Okay maybe this will Help out relationship. We went 2 days without talking and i was miserable. I missed him so much. A couple of more days went by and I found out from some of our friends he had been "talking" to another girl. And he denyed it when I asked him. & even his sister said he liked her & they were talking. I told him I was done and I wanted all my stuff back from him. 2 weeks went by, and We havent talked. He has left picture comments on that girls pictures, and ive seen them. Lastnight I broke down and asked him,"Honestly do you miss me?" All he wrote back was, " Kinda, but no not really." I was crying so hard I had a panic attack. Now here I am, Alone. I try to talk to other boys but all they do is remind me of him. I cry everytime Im not with someone being occupied. I miss him ALOT, & knowing im not good enough for him to love me forver like he promised kills me every second. Im depressed & not happy anymore. Ive always been a happy person but I cant even smile anymore. Next monday we would have been together 9 months, I still feel like texting him and saying Happy 9 month Anniversary sweetheart, I love you with all my heart, but i know I cant. God makes everything happen for a reason but i dont feel that this is a blessing or to make things better. Maybe one day someone will bring back the smile on my face.



November 21, 2009 @ (NY)

Tags: parents, newyork

Well his parents hated me. Whenever we were with them they would make little comments. Mostly it was his mother, but you could just feel the hatred. I really think this was an unfounded hatred. In the past he never really paid too much attention to what she's had to say, but after this last trip i watch her pull him over and start talking about us. she gave me one of those glares as she he started to talk. It wasn't more than a week later that He ended up breaking up with me. He never would give me an answer to what she said. I have no idea what she could have said. I never cheated on him, or anything. We fought every once in a while, but nothing even close to a blowout fight. I mean if he was that big of a mama's boy, thank god i got out now! How's that for a breakup story! Ball less bastard


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