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February 24, 2012 @ (Evansville IN)

Tags: 1

My boyfriend of six years broke up with me valentines day. Completely outta the blue I wake up that morning to a text by him saying that he doesn't know what to tell me bout our plans for that day cause he met a girl hes ''been talking to" and she takes up all his time now and he has no use for me now. He told me get lost. It was the most brutal heartbreak I ever felt. We'd spent the three days prior to that together and talking bout what kinda things we'd like to do together in life. He'd told me we were meant for each other the very night before...and to do it on valentines day was the cruelest thing. He wouldn't answer his phone or texts that day. The next day he texted he wanted to talk and see me. I said no. Two days of continually asking me I finally agreed. He sat right in front of me at my kitchen table and told me he was confused and didn't know whAt he wanted and that the new gf wasn't even really his gf yet. He basically buttered me up with compliments and I believed him like a fool. The very next day he invited himself over started acting like a complete jerk by texting her continuously and then saying after 45 min into our dinner date that he was done and he had to take me home cause he had somewhere to. I said whats wrong with you I don't understand. He went crazy yelling and screaming for me to get the hell out of his car and that he hates me and not to invite him over again. I said are you on drugs or something cause you invited yourself. He drew his fist back at me like to punch me and I started to cry cause I'd never seen anything like this ever. He had instantly changed. He threw his coke on me as I got out the car and was pushing on me to get out making me fall. I was completely freaked out. This was not the same guy I'd Been with for the last six years of my life which now feel completely wasted. This was like something out of a scary movie. I'm completely devastated and don't know what to do or why this is happening. I think maybe he is on drugs cause I've discovered he's been taking some of my prescriptions from my purse here in the last two months. It's only thing I can think of. . I also was told by him that he'd ran his car into a ditch drunk with a few of his new friends in the car with him the night before he came over the first day we talked. He said they'd been celebrating his buddy's 21st bday and that this particular friend who I've tried to invite to do things with us and to bring along his gf, well I got told that friend doesn't like me so that's why I'm getting dumped. Please if anybody on here can possibly relate or just tell me anything,to help this terrible thing I'm going through I would very much appreciate your advice or comments. Thanks


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February 23, 2012 @ (california)

Tags: bestfriend, heartbreak

Ok so he's my bestfriend and all that crap.. He went out with both of my girl bestfriends and apparently "loved" them..but then he falls "in love" with me and stuff and asks me out and I of course said yes. But then he gets suspended from school and I don't see him for about 3 weeks I don't talk w him or communicate in any way w him and its driving me crazy! And sO he finally gets his Facebook back and I send him a message but he totally ignores me cuz he hasn't answered and I sent him almost a week ago. Then people tell me that he's cheatIng on me but I don't eaisly believe rumours but you never know rite? And so finally I break up w him feeling totally depressed that I did and I don't know if he knows yet cuz I just sent it today.. And I totally regret it but it felt right and then it feels soooo wrong..and now I'm left w nothing..but a broken heart (as cliche as that sounds)



February 15, 2012 @ (philly, pa)

Tags: vday breakup

Its valentines night, and this site seems to be an awesome outlet, so here's my story.. Boyfriend of 8 mos and I had a mutual breakup on new years day. I instantly regretted it and wanted him back. I was depressed for 2 weeks while we tried to maintain a friendship. I then found out he felt the same way I had about the breakup, but I was slightly hesitant in getting back together because his actions just weren't matching his words.. For a whole month now he's been fucking around with my feelings telling me he wants to get back and still loves me but then forgetting to call or blowing me off. Its emotional torture hoping for something that continuously disappoints you. He finally ended that cycle last night telling me he can't give me what I need and that its over, BUT that he still hoped to get back together someday and grow old with me..this was a man I'd been best friends with for years, and who had at one time treated me like gold. I didn't hear from him today at all, and like a fool I waited to. I know its over and will never be, today was my last disappointment from him..happy freakin vday.



February 14, 2012 @ (Canada)

Tags: Best Friend, Messy, Life Goes on,

So I've been through a lot this past year and I feel like I am falling into the same pattern. It all started when I came out of the closet in February of 2008, my best friend didn't really know how to handle it. I could tell that he really wasn't okay with it, what I didn't know was that it was because he was actually gay too. So a few months after I came out out he eventually told me he was fine with it, and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. As time passed I noticed a change in him and then in July of 2009 he came out to me, and my reaction was well a little surprised. I never would have thought he was ever gay, he tried so hard to conceal that he was gay, he even dated and slept with girls, so it took some real evidence to prove that he wasn't messing with me. So he told me about the guy he had been seeing and it was all fine and dandy. Since I had met my best friend I always found him attractive, but now he was actually available. Summer turned to fall and soon enough he told me that he wasn't gay anymore, that 'it was a lifestyle choice he didn't wish to pursue.' I didn't believe him then and I don't believe him now mostly because I've seen him on a gay dating site recently. But never the less I still really liked him. He showed me this dating site that he used to meet guys and he signed me up, even though 'he wasn't gay anymore' he always insisted that I go out and meet guys, he was rather adamant which I found a bit odd, considering he was never interested in my love life before. Things began to get messy when he started to act out and act well a little recklessly, mostly because we and all of our friends were turning 19 and could start drinking, so he'd drive drunk, and he would do just do the dumbest things. This behavior went on for a year which brings us to 2011. 2011 was a very hard year for me. One day in the middle of July and I don't know the exact date, but he came over with some stuff I left at his house and he handed the items to me. I asked what was wrong and if he wanted to get a coffee, and he said 'Why would we do that?' and I said 'Because we're friends' and he replied 'Are we?' After that he turned away and I never saw him again. A month later I found out it was because I had feelings for him and that he had told all of our friends that I was a liar and horrible friend, that I was somehow delusional and that I had gone around spreading lies that he was gay when I told maybe 2 people who didn't say a word. So in the end he turned out to just be a coward who was trying to save his own ass who didn't care who he hurt in the process. Its been 7 months and I still haven't spoken or seen him, in the end I realized he would never have the courage to tell people how he really felt about anything or that he would never have the courage to tell anyone that he was a homosexual, and sometimes I feel like I may have hindered that. But its not always going to be my fault the blame will fall on him and all the lies and all the pettiness will catch up to him and everyone will see him for what he is. I won't vilify him and he shouldn't vilify me, we were both in our own ways wrong. I don't miss him anymore, I don't even want to be friends with him, mostly because of this one simple fact, I was his best friend and he always told me we would be friends no matter what, and I think to myself;I was hi best friend and look what he did to me? Why would I want to be friends with such a selfish person? Who put his own need to hide a silly secret above my feelings, I guess I wasn't as important to him as he liked to say, because if I was he would have at least talked to me and tried to work it out. I won't ever go back because I know if I did everything would be like it was before, he wouldn't respect me and it would be a misrealble disaster.

I'm moving on and more and more I am forgeting him, it started in September when I realized I couldn't remember the sound of his voice or his laugh, then things about him started to slip, and now I am starting to forget what he looked like, I feel like one day I'll need to grab a picture to remember him.



February 10, 2012 @ (buena park)

Tags: sadd

We were dating for almost 3 years, we used to be so in love (or so i thought) he had a bff that i disliked, they were always together. I always had a feeling he liked her sinse everytime they were together he wasn't that sweet, but yet i desided to ignore it. Months passed by everything was cool then he stoped being sweet, didnt say i love you back and me me feel unapreciated his excuse always was "remember you're my first gf I don't have relationship experiance" then one day she came back from who knows where and they desided to hang out (not alone but with a group of friends)i didnt know this. He would just ignore my txt messages and calls so i was worried and asked his friend and thats when he told me they were together. I desided I couldn't take this anymore and i told him i needed time and then he asked "you're breaking up with me?" i was really stupid and i changed my mind And i said no and i told him what was wrong but then he said that he needs a break and broke up with me I begged him not to leave me for 4 days and he desided to give us another chance.. Months later everything was perfect but then he broke up with me because a guy posted a perverted wallpost on my facebook wall (i didnt even see it before he broke up with me) insted of telling him to backoff or somthing he leaves me. I blocked the guy and tried explaining what happened to him but he didn't listen. we tried being friends but then i told him to give us one last chance he agreed to it but it felt like i was forcing him to be with me sense he told me he didn't think we were going to work out and he was never sweet even though I tried everything to make him love me. I gave up and told him it took me a long time to understand but now I know he doesn't want me and I broke up with him. Then one day I found this amazing guy that treats me like a princess but we were just friends. After about 3 months he tells me he still loves me blah blah blah and that he never stoped loving me and he was soo sweet but by this time I was already over him and I told him I liked someone else already but he insisted that he still loved me. I ended up getting with the guy and now hes mad at me for getting with another guy and doesnt want anything to do with me.
I wish him luck and Im glad I found someone who treats me right.



February 09, 2012 @ (miami)

Tags: example1

I met him in 7th grade. We were friends, then 8th grade came around, and we got together. We were together for 2 1/2 years when we ended. He cheated on me with another girl. He had hickeys on his neck. I was so...broken. He was my first love, my first everything, and I was so in love with him. People may say that at my age, we still don't know what love is, but, I do. I gave 2 1/2 years of my life and spent it with him. We had so many good times, but also, so many bad. He was always mean to me, calling me names, ignoring me when I was upset, and cheating on me. Hes always cheated on me since day 1. But everytime we broke up, I blamed myself. I never felt good enough for him, and I felt like maybe if I changed the way I was, he'd like me more and he'd start treating me better. But last week, he cheated again. I broke up with him, and it hasn't been easy for me. I love him so much, and I just want to know what I ever did to deserve this, why I was never enough. I want to be loved back, and appreciated. He haws new girlfriend now, and its tearing me apart. I'm so.hurt in all of this, and he doesn't care. I don't know how I'm going to get over this. And I wanna know why I want someone who doesn't want me. Its hard spending that long with someone, and then not having them at all. :/



February 09, 2012 @ (Reality)

Tags: He cheated on me once, Gave him more than 3 chances

We broke up a week before our four monthsary. He said his parents found out about our relationship, and they weren't so happy about it. He said that his parents want him to focus in his studies first and i understand that. We still loved eachother.. till he found another girl the next day



February 08, 2012 @ (Los Angeles)

Tags: sad, eh

I won't call it a breakup but I guess we're coming to that. It's been 2 1/2 months through our relationship, but it feels like we've been together for years.



February 07, 2012 @ (India)

Tags: First Love

I recently heard somewhere that “The best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature” so this is my effort to get over her.
I met my first love in my first year of college back in sep 2008 we instantly clicked, I had dated before but never felt a connection with anyone the way I felt with her. It was nice hanging out with her and all so I confessed my feelings to her, she said that she felt the same way about me but was not looking for a relationship as she had just come out of a serious relation and was still trying to get rid of her EX. I gave her time and after 4 months we eventually started dating. We were in a committed relation for 10 months in that period we had met each other’s parents and everything seemed to be working pretty well. Well out of nowhere she told me that she was planning to go out of country for further studies and would probably be leaving 6 months later so she wanted to end the relation as long distance does not work and she would miss me too much to be able to stay away and she wanted to stay friends. Well we broke up; I stayed away from her and had a rebound fling that lasted a month. After two months I started dating a girl which was a mutual friend to my ex and it was going great but my ex started contacting me again and when she found out that I was kind of getting serious about this new girl she broke us up. So I started dating my EX again, we dated for three months and we broke up again that was in the starting of 2011. She contacted me 3 months ago and we have been in touch ever since and she told me that she wanted to get married to me, well we never really started dating again just kept in touch. This created a lot of issues for me as this girl was my first love I still had feelings for her, so I told her that this wasn’t working. We fought a full one month and all she kept doing was postponing things. So day before yesterday I called her up and told her it wasn’t working out and I couldn’t do this anymore, she asked me to meet her but this had been going on for a while that whenever I tried to come to a conclusion she would ask me to meet up and cancel at the last moment this had gone on for a full month so I told her that there was no point and asked her not to contact me again. That night I had a couple of drinks and slept on it, next morning I woke up and it hit me….In the past 3 n a half years we were together a cumulative of a 2 years had broken up 3 times, we both had dated other people but we were always there for each other. I realized that I might never see her again…….ever since I have been thinking if made the right decision….



February 06, 2012 @ (California)

Tags: HELPPPPP!!!!

Me and this guy were talking since last summer. When we started talking he seemed very interested in me and i thought it was going to work out. A couple months into the "relationship" he started acting distant and I would ask him if everything was ok and he would always say yes. Shortly after he told me a girl was the least of his worries and to "live my Life" a week later he came back and everything started being fine again. Then he started acting like he was more into me again. I spent the night at his house and he got me a toothbrush to keep at his house. I thought things were going to be ok then two days before we broke up i saw him and we did hook up but everything was normal. Then later that night he asked me if i posted anything on facebook or twitter about him and i told him yes. He then asked me if i mentioned his name in the status i said "no but if I did would it have been a problem?" he said yes because its unnecessary, I asked if he was trying to hide the fact that he is involved with me and of course he said no and i told him I wont have any issues as long as he was hiding the fact that he was talking to me then we were fine, he said ok and everything seemed fine, a couple days later he texted me and told me that he was not the guy for me but if he ever seen me around we could still talk and stuff and if he had any parties i could come and i asked him if he was doing what he was doing because he was seeing someone else or because he lost feelings he says neither but i dont know what to believe then he closed out the conversation with bye for now. Im so confused I need some advice!!


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