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August 15, 2012 @ (Slovenia)

Tags: Sara

Our story is now almost 7 years long. With zillion of breakups, cries, backtogethers, now I can finally say it's over. When I look back now, there's been more bad than nice times, I often felt rejected, humiliated and not loved.. What took me so long? Low self esteem, not a drop of self love and addiciton. The last drop over the top was last month of our "relationship". In May I got pregnant.. Then he fell in love with someone new - so he said. We talked on the phone about the situation we had to solve somehow. I've decided that the abortion is the best solutin for me.. The day I went to the hospital, he wasn't there for me. Yet the "good" thing came out of all, I didn't have the abortion since I misscarried the child. It was probably somekind of a sign, that that person is really the best to stay away from. But the pain of his actions was and still is sometimes unbearable. I am moving on now, day by day, hour by hour with thoughts of lonliness mostly in my head. But my goal is now to get over him and find love in myself, the long missing self esteem and the partner I deserve. I know I will be ok! :)



August 01, 2012 @ (New York)

Tags: Love and hate

It all started off on December first. It was in 7th grade, pretty much the beginning of the school year. His name was Bryce. One of those popular basketball jocks. He seemed so sweet, but i knew i would never have a chance with him. So one night a bunch of my friends and a bunch of his friends were at a girls basketball game for our school. We all hung out together and it was so fun! I talked to him for a little bit until he had to go home. Later that night, after i got home, i messaged him on Facebook and told him he should text me sometime, so i gave him my number. About half an hour later he messaged me back and was all 'alright(:'

After talking for about a week, he said he really liked me and he would like to ask me out, But to me surprise he said he didn't want to do it over text. The next day at school, just a normal day, he came up to me and asked me out. Probably the best day ever! After about a month dating he decided to break up with me. Btw it was the day after Christmas... He always told me 'forever and always' that was our little saying. So since he said it so much i started to believe it. I fell for him soo hard.

For about a month i cried myself to sleep. Then one day out of the blue, i was walking thru the halls, and he says my name. I turn around and he is standing there with the most saddest look on his face. I give him the 'what do you want' kind of look. My best friend turns to me and says, he was going to apologize to you for all the things he's done to you. Till this day i regret doing that. Later on that day i text him and say, im sorry for giving you a dirty look. He later then text's me back with a long text that he wants to take me back and that he made such a big mistake. I liked him so much' so i took him back.

The next day at school it was a normal day but Bryce was back in my life. That day was great. But when i got home i got that heartbreaking text message again. He said 'my parents said i couldn't date anymore' I texted him why but he never once texted me back. A couple months of still crying constantly, i try once more and ask him why? He said he was too good for me and so he made up and excuse to stop dating me. I was so pissed at myself for taking him back that other time.

Of course i still have feelings for him,he just doesn't feel the same way about me. I guess it's just one of those 'first love' things, where even though how bad they hurt you, you still take them back.

Its now the beginning of 8th grade and i still am not over him.. Till this day i listen to one certain song and i cry my eyes out for hours. I miss him, i really do,i'd take him back in a heartbeat but i don't want my heart broken again.



July 30, 2012 @ (Love lost)

Tags: Young, love

We had went out over the summer of leaving the fifth grade. He had said he loved me so much,I meant the world to him, etc.. Young love. We had our little arguments here and there, but they didn't matter. Anyway, the next summer, we dated again. But it wasn't the same. My feelings for him had increased, but I could sense that his feelings for me were not the same. One day over the phone he broke up with me. I was so sad. But he said that we could still be friends. But he never talked to me afterwards. Later on I found out that after we broke up, he started dating my friend. I'm now going to the 9th grade. There isn't a day I go without thinking about him. Some people might call it pathetic, but I call it in love. We no longer talk to each other. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not obsessed with him or anything, I just think about him. How can I get over him? I don't want my feelings for him to affect my current relationship. Or future relationships. I want him back in my life. :(



July 29, 2012 @ (USA)

Tags: jonah, angela

It started when i was at a church walkathon deal and i volunteered to join.My sister and i went because we knew jonahs bro jordan was going to b there so we thought it was a great oppertunity to hang out or whatever. And i ended up meeting jonah he was 15 and i was 14.We instantly hitted off, after i left the church convention i went home and thought about him.Days pasted and i thought id never see or hear from him again.I finally became desperate and looked him up on facebook and added him.To my suprise he quickly accepted.We started comunicating and ended up dating the same day we had our first kiss.During the 2months and a week of which we dated we never fought or anything i believed it to be too good to be true.Sadly jonah got grounded for 4 weeks and during thos weeks i became lonely and cheated on him with another guy.Jonah never found out until he broke up with me because he said he never had any feelings for me since the start.I cried for days and never forgave myself for what ive done to him..


Confused Again..

July 28, 2012 @ (wv)

Tags: cheating, confused

Well, followed some advice from my last post on here, telling me to move on from my ex. I finally started dating someone else, only for her to try to push th relationship far too quickly. So that ended poorly. After a week after we broke up i decided to give her another chance, this time in a matter of a month she started cheating on me. So now i'm wary as to even date anyone anymore. Any advice from anyone on getting back up on my feet for a third time? Btw, it's not easy for me to find a girl that is willing to date me because, according to some, i'm too "nice" of a person...


Ruby Redford

July 24, 2012 @ (Miami, Florida)

Tags: Text, drunken hookup

I got together with this guy that I was into for maybe about a month at a party. We were both drunk and he was getting over another girl but we made out the whole night. In the morning when we sobered up we talked it out and decided "to take it slow". After about a month I decided we were in a relationship and he just went along with it. We have the same friend group at school and we were planning Euro trip with a club of 19 people that we are both in. I asked him after 3 months of dating if he wanted to stay together during the trip over text he said sure, but didn't sound excited. One thing led to the next and he broke up with me over text.
I sent him a long fb message explaining that I was at first upset but I want to remain friends with him... no response.
So the next week I got drunk with one of my friends who is a guy. He just broke up with his girlfriend and they were dating for over a year. I'm really good friends with his exgirlfriend, probably better friends with her than I am with him... however I made out with him and they had only been broken up for 5 days.
We were both trying to get over the people we were with. Here's the catch though, ALL OF US: me, my exboyfriend, the guy I hooked up with and his ex girlfriend are ALL GOING TO BE IN EUROPE TOGETHER for TWO WEEKS night and day... this will be interesting/painful.
Not to mention, everyone in the club is taking sides. At least some people will be on my side since i was broken up with via text, though my actions after the break up are unjustifiable.



July 23, 2012 @ (New York)

Tags: Bitch

Just dumped the bitch... Yeaaa buddy!



July 22, 2012 @ (New York)

Tags: dumb, young,

Well for starters, this happened a couple of months back and I'm completely over it.
My boyfriend at the time and I had dated for two years, straight out of high-school. We always got into constant arguments which up until today I should have realized that I should have let go from the beginning. He would always argue about how much I used to call him or text him but mind you we would barely see each other. He was in a different school and so was I. We had met through mutual friends. At the time I used to see it as absence makes the heart grow fonder...boy was I wrong. By the time we were both starting our first semester in college I realized that he was spending a lot of time with these two girls but I didn't put mind since I was actually paranoid that I was pregnant. Well turns out I was and had a miscarriage, I didn't find out until after so it didn't really affect me but when I was paranoid he didn't even bother to go with me to get checked out. Well I started noticing that some girl on Facebook was always commenting on his photos and on his wall and usually that doesn't bother me and I approached him about it and he stated "I would never mess around with her, she's pretty fat. I hate fat chicks" HA! yeah that was the girl he dumped me for on our anniversary.
The girl would then try calling and texting me threatening me AFTER she she found out that he cheated on her three times with me. It was bad in my part but hey...I was still in love I guess. I have no regrets, and now I just laugh it off at how young and naive I was. And basically for girls to read this and see that after a break up you can be strong never cry for a long time over a guy that isn't worth it.



July 19, 2012 @ (Corpus Christi, Tx)

Tags: Birthday, Scumbag

First off, let me start by saying that this sounds fake, but I promise, every detail is real.

My boyfriend and I had been together for 3 years when I notices he was acting strange. We were out of state visiting his family for Christmas, when I saw he was receiving texts from the slutty secretary at 6:30 pm (well after she was off work). I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong, so the next morning when he was in the shower, I did something I'd never done before in 3+ years together - I checked his texts. She had set him messages, wishing he was in bed with her. He blew it off, but never told her to stop. The worst part is, I work with both of them; she knows me and she knew he and I were together.

We argued all day, but promised eachother to work on our relationship.
He told me I needed to contribute more around the house (even though I work and go to school full-time), and I told him he needed to quit treating me like I was the pile of dung stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

Fast forward to February - I found out I was getting laid off April 30th. This caused alot of stress on my part, as I was losing my only source of income. I decided to use the layoff as an excuse to go to school full time, living off of whatever student loans I could get. I told him that my financial contributions would be minimal, but he was incredibly supportive.

Fast forward to April 29th - It's his birthday. I scrimped and saved from my last few paychecks and spend over $300 on him. I baked him cookies (because he preferred that over cake), and settled down at 1:00 to work on some homework. An hour later, he breaks up with me, knowing I'm losing my job the next day.

He broke up with me on his birthday, after I'd given him over $300 in gifts, knowing that the next day I'm losing my job, and have no way to support myself.

The worst part is, It's July now, and I'm still living with him because I can't afford to move out.

I can't wait for December.


Blue J

July 18, 2012 @ (Ocean avenue)

Tags: Off and On

It was a high school relationship. I was a junior and at the moment I never truly been in love or actually dated someone more than a couple months. By the end of junior year, I met a guy. It was obvious he had a crush when he would text every day and wink at me in the middle of English class. Slowly I begin to like him and one day I ask if he wants to go see a movie for his birthday. I decided to kiss him and since then we began a relationship. We fell for each other pretty quickly. He would get jealous of many of my guy friends and that was always an argument. By the time we made a year the arguments got worse and we broke up by the end of senior year. At prom we got back together since we both agreed we missed each other. Then a couple weeks later we break up. We see each other at a party. He texts me the next morning that he misses me. We try it another time. Today we broke up. I deleted him on fb and his number. He texted me once he noticed I deleted him. I ignored it since he says he wants it to be over. Is it bad that we always come back to each other ?


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