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November 13, 2013 @ (UK)

Tags: bad breakup, sad, douche

I had a 2 year relationship, with my ex. I loved him from the beggining and I gave him everything.He was my first relationship. He was always my priority but I wasn;t his. At six months he asked me to have a break I said ok no matter how hard it hurt, he came back and i accepted him.After 2 weeks i saw a conversation with his friend about another girl and how was he going to approach him. I broke up with him, but then after beggin for my forgiveness i accepted him back.Again. Another six months pass, and after coming back from vacation with his friends he tells me he kissed another girl while he was drunk and asks for my forgiveness, and i forgive him.AGAIN. And at last after we reach two years together, he talks to me on fb and asks me to break up cause he says he doesnt know if he loves me anymore. I said ok no matter how it hurt. After two days he comes back and asks me to get back together, but this time i didn't forgive and i decided not to forget, no matter how much i loved him, no matter how much it hurt. It's been 3 months since we broke up and I'm still sad and messed up but I'm not going back!


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November 12, 2013 @ (Uew York)

Tags: Breakup, too young, sad

Lost Love
I broke up with my boyfriend two months ago. We were together for 1 year. I only have myself to blame. I knew our relationship wouldn’t work when we first started dating. We lived so far away from each other and we were so immature. It was too serious and we were too young. If I only knew then what I know now.

We would try to see each other every other week. For one year we did this. The bus trip took about six hours. At the time it didn’t matter because I got to see him at the end of the trip. When I finally saw him after those six long hours, I wouldn’t feel a thing. Our relationship was an illusion. We looked so cute in front of people but when we were alone we would always fight. The first six months was fine, but the other half was hell. We fought each night, even when we were not together. He would yell at me over the phone and I would yell back. When I said I didn’t want to do this anymore, he would push me on the bed and just lay on top of me hugging me and I would forget everything. I know he didn’t want me to go but we couldn’t keep on living like this. Things were bad…really bad and something had to change.

One night we finally ended it all.

Oh God, the agony. The pain is unbelievable. It’s rushing through my body, my veins, my soul. The memories take me back to that place. The night where it all went wrong. I said we couldn’t do this anymore. You said you didn’t want to break up. We had to end it; we couldn’t keep on going like this. We shouted, we cried, we loved, one last time. It all played out so well. My hands in your hair, your name on my lips and your hands on my hips. The warmth of each other kept the room warm. It was love in the atmosphere. We looked at each other; and just like that, it all went away. The love we sheared, fading. The feelings we had, forgotten. The warmth in the room, gone.

The morning after.
I walked you to the stairs. You stood there confusing. I stood right beside you holding your hand. The stairs were hard to walk. I felt like a rock every time I took a step. We stopped at the front door. You looked in to my eyes as you had your hand on the door handle. Your eyes were blank and full of tears just waiting to run down your face. We kissed one last time. I cried as you took your bag and walked out the door. I watched you walk away; you stopped and looked back. I remember those other times you’ve left, you would run back straight away, but this time you didn’t. You just kept on walking. And just like that you were gone.

As I watched you drive away, I felt a raindrop on my skin. It ran down my face; just like the tears in my eyes. The begging of a journey for some people, but an ending of a journey for us.

Now it’s finally over. I regret nothing.



November 08, 2013 @ (Seattle)

Tags: bad break up, young love, sweet, cute, douche bag, depression, anxiety, high school, sad, ugh

Oh my gosh . My ex boyfriend is a douche bag. I swear .. I was never over him.. but he caused so much pain, and I really tried to .. BUT NOW HE WANTS TO GET BACK TOGETHER . I'VE HEARD RUMORS FROM MY FRIEND ALEX (who is also his best friend) BUT I DIDN'T BELIEVE IT. But now he's smiling at me with those beautiful teeth .. talking to me and luring me in with that voice.. the voice that's like honey and just makes me melt everytime I hear it. He changed me. I wasn't always depressed, even if my life wasn't all that great .. after my parents finalized the divorce, there wasn't much to look forward to. But he was there for me. He was always my shoulder to cry on. Ever since 7th grade . UGH, MIDDLE SCHOOL. I thought middle school was hard; but compared to high school, it was a party.. my emotions are just everywhere.. but yea, the point is, he ended up breaking me in the end. I knew it wasn't gonna last. Of COURSE I knew. But something at the back of my mind just wished it wasn't. And I guess I just couldn't accept the cruel reality that it was over. All those movie dates . All the times he'd put his arms around me.. and that smile- it was directed towards me and me only and I used to literally feel as if we were the only two people in the world. That strawberry blonde/brownish hair .. haha.. the long paragraphs he would send me in the morning about how beautiful he thought I was.. those times in third period where we laughed, he would flip his hair, start strumming that bass guitar of his while the strings teacher would yell at me about dropping my violin and then having to tune it all over again. We lived to make her annoyed omg , but I just miss it . I miss everything. I miss him. I miss not being lonely.

That time on the ferris wheel at the state fair with terry and alex? When we kissed and said 'I love you' for the 80th time?
I miss us.

The truth is, I was never over it. I miss running my fingers through his hair.

I just dont wanna be lonely.

I poured my heart out to him and he took advantage of me.

I miss that fairytale feeling.

But I guess all fairytales have to end. Just ask Troy. He had no problem ending mine.

And now he just wants to walk back into my life again? After all the pain that he's caused? Like nothing's happened? I just can't.

The thing that makes me hate myself the most? Everytime he glances at me, I still get butterflies. When I see him laugh in the hallways, my heard starts pounding inexpilcably fast. And the last and most horrifying thing? I was tempted. I was actually tempted to say yes.



November 07, 2013 @ (USA)

Tags: Worse break up ever

We were always in love since 4th grade.He then transferred to another that moment I was dating someone else.i broke up.he was there to cure me. We texted everyday then one day he asked me out I said then we were always texting babe love u every second.on day he said we need to break up ,sorry.i asked him why .he said because a girl called to a corner and kissed him.i asked him if he liked it or does he like her too. He said he kissed her too and likes her heart apparently broke,I stopped breathing for a minute,I burst out crying.i broke up with him .he said forgive I said don't ever talk to me again.he begged and begged I never forgave him.and still now we miss each other



November 04, 2013 @ (Antarctica )

Tags: Ring

He gave me an engagement ring and told me to think of it like another thing I can use... it doesn't mean anything, just something shiny to wear.



November 04, 2013 @ (Paris)

Tags: Losing my mind

He put too much pressure on me and I freaked out. Too much, too soon. We have a young baby and I've been taking all the responsibility and it's exhausting me.
He bought a month long subscription to pornography and told me about two days after I really did my best to be sexy since having a baby. I feel used, very depressed and exhausted.



November 04, 2013 @ (United States)

Tags: The worst feeling in the world is being replaced

We were together for four years. I loved him with every ounce of me. I gave him my all. He was my everything. His parents were a big issue, they never allowed us to go out on dates and we constantly had to hangout with his family. He never asked me on dates, and never really wanted to spend time with me. I loved him more than he loved me I guess. My graduation party came and went and he never showed. His father would not allow him to come to it. It hurt very bad but I wanted to stay with him through it all. A few days went by and he said we needed to talk. He came over and broke up with me that night, he said he needed to focus on himself and I was not outgoing enough for him. It hurt days passed by and I found out he cheated on me with a girl four years younger than he is. Shortly after I went onto facebook and had to see pictures of them begin to appear, comments and love statuses going up about each other. His parents are constantly talking about how much they love her and how she is perfect for him. I thought he was the one, and he told me we were going to get married that i was the one for him. Four years, we were together four years and he moved on. He moved on and I cannot get him out of my head. I hope everyday he will come back to me and it tears me up inside what he is doing. He can take her out on dates, hangout with her all the time, and do everything for her. What does she have that I don't? I thought he loved me...



November 03, 2013 @ (a hipster's paradise)

Tags: bad break up

I do not love you
To the moon and back,
Or infinity and beyond
I do not love you
Until death or until the end, and
I certainly do not love you
For always and forever

How can I say that I love you
To the moon and back,
When I love you so much more than that?
To infinity and beyond,
When I love you triple the infinities
That life will allow me to have?
How can I say that I love you
For always and forever,
If I believe that no 'always' and no 'forever'
Could ever speak the length of my love for you?

Darling, I could never say
A mundane 'I love you'
When there are about
One million, thirteen thousand, nine hundred thirteen word in the english language and
None of them could sum up how much
I love you.



November 03, 2013 @ (Denver )

Tags: bad break up

A Few of the Things:

Your beautiful eyes
That were the color of waves;
A few of the things
I will always crave.

Your lightning touch
that thundered through my nerves;
A few of the things
I felt I didn't deserve.

Your adorable laugh
And marvelous grin;
A few of the things
I fell in love with again.

Your short gentle hugs
And your plain little kiss;
A few of the things
I will constantly miss..



November 03, 2013 @ (LA)

Tags: young love, sad, bipolar, jerk, young, bad break up, boys, guys, high school

I told him everything. I made myself completly vulnerable.. and I regret that. I really do. I already knew it wouldn't last forever, it never does, especially when you're so young. That feeling just.. wore off. He used to type a long paragraph just about how gorgeous he thinks I am but that slowly resolved to one word replies.. And remember that girlfriend? Yea, that came back to bite me in the butt. She started all this drama, constantly texting


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